• 7 colours
  • 7 components
  • over 800,000 combinations
  • 1 low price
Any combination only $49

Customise your very own Xbox One original controller with EB Games Restyle. Create your unique, limited edition design that is personalised to your taste with seven colours to choose from.

With over 800,000 colour combinations available, this is the perfect way to design your own controller, styled your way. Simply choose your preferred colour combos using the form below and take it in with your controller to your nearest EB Games store.

step 1

Download the attached form

step 2

Select a colour for each component

Colour Options
  • 1 White
  • 2 Aqua Blue
  • 3 Purple
  • 4 Yellow
  • 5 Pink
  • 6 Green
  • 7 Black
Thumb sticks
D Pad
Rear Centre
Rear Sides
step 3

Bring your original Xbox One controller into store, then our team of expert technicians will customise your controller and return it back to your store. And if the controller you want to Restyle is no longer working, not a problem! We can Reboot your controller for an additional $10 while we Restyle it. Just let our friendly store staff know you want a "Restyle and Reboot" and we will get you back gaming in style!

If you have any questions, please go to https://www.ebgames.com.au/customer-service to find out more information.